This years thanksgiving was probably the best one yet. On sunday we flew out to Orlando Florida once we got there we settled in to our giant hotel room i have never seen a hotel room that big. We got there pretty late so we just went to dinner and then went back to the hotel. On Monday we went to universal parks the first ride we went on was the harry potter ride but it got stuck mid ride but it was ok since we got free fast passes. We went to a show it was like a murder mystery it was so good and then we went on the race of the mummy rollercoaster after that we went to get some pizza. universal park mostly had 3D ride that my dad was not a huge fan of it but he was fine the last ride we went to was men in black it was a shooting ride. On tuesday we went to my grandpas and had lunch with him he had a golfcart and my brother tought me how to drive it. we also went to disney springs we went to he disney store, the m&m store and the coke stoe where we tried a bunch of different cokes from around the world. On Wensday we met up with my cousins at island of adventure and i went on the biggest rollercoasters of my life the hulk and the veolosicoaster and my oh my did my hair get messed up! We went on a lot more rollercoaster but they whern’t as big. Then on thursday we went back to my granpas for thanksgiving and my cousins didn’t think i could drive the golf cart but i proved them wrong. We ate and delicous thanksgiving dinner. on friday we headed back to the airport and flew home.