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This year was my first year at POPCS and I really enjoyed it. Me and my brother wanted a small environment and I sure we will be here for many years to come. I was really nervous coming here because I have been at one school all my life. But my first day Abbey, Cyan, Halle and Meagan made me feel welcome the first day. I am planning to have lots or fun this summer and I’m  so excited to be a 7th  grader IMG_2437


Book club questions week 5 and 6

1. I feel like ally has really become more courageous bc at the beginning on the book she just thought she was dumb and couldn’t do anything. Towards the end of the book mr. Danials helped her figure out that some people just think in different ways.

2. My goal is to be a great person to everyone and what I really want to do when I’m older is act. It’s My first year at POPCS and my first year doing drama and I just really love it so far.

3. I give this boo a 4 out of 5 stars because of how real the situation is a girl with dyslexia trying to figure out how she feel like she belongs and she gains some friends who except who she is.

FIAT week 3 and 4

  1.  in theses chapters Ally figures out she has dyslexia and Mr. Daniels is helping her after school with her reading and gives her a paper
  2.  In the beginning of the book Ally listened to Shay and Jessica when they said she was stupid but now she has worked with Mr. Daniels and now she is trying to toon out the bullies
  3.  If your getting picked on my biggest advise is just try to ignore them because eventually they will get bored and leave you alone.

Book Club Fish In a Tree

  1. I love my novel so far the story line is so amazing. I have to say so far the story is kind of sad but I kind of like reading sad books. I can kind of relate to the story bc the girl in the story is not very good at writing and I’m not the best at it either.
  2.  I have seen Ally and her brother Travis there relationship is really good so far and then there is shay and Jessica there like to bully Ally.
  3.  my Question is who is there favorite character


We finally arrived at Mexico I can’t wait to go to the aquarium and see the octopus. It took us 2 hours to get to the hotel but when we got to our room we un packed and headed to the beach. I was in my new white bathing suit and then we headed to the dolphin pool and when we met the dolphins and they were so gentle. After that we went to dinner and they had live music the piano sounded amazing. We found a nice place for pictures and a trampoline that was springing when you jump on it.

My Crazy Dream 100wc20

It was late and my mom played me a lullaby on her guitar. I started having a dream that I was eating mustard and then someone shoved me to the ground and I took a horrible fall to the floor. And then my alarm went of that was an extraordinary dream. When I went down for breakfast I told my mom about my dream and she thought I was crazy! When I got on the bus I told everyone about my dream. When I got to school I started telling everyone but most people teased me but I didn’t care.

100wc18 the underground palace

me and my friends were super bored so we decided to go to the park and we took my dogs with us. we were playing fetch with my dogs when all the sudden my dog got distracted by something and we went over to see what is was we found a pile a leaves. it just thought it was a plie of leaves but my friends told me to look closer. there was a key but a key to unlock what? but we remember that we saw a door so we tried unlocking it. it was like an underground palace!

A hike on a mountain

I was so exited to go hiking I put on my favorite yellow shirt. We took a taxi to get to the mountain site it took 2 hours to get there! My mom let me get a walking stick since it was going to be a very long hike my mom  was carrying a backpack full of water bottles and snacks but all my mom brought was energy bars which where discussing. The backpack was heavily weighing down my mom. But finally after a long hike we reaches the top of the mountain and I saw a beautiful waterfall  we headed back home and I was so tired.